The Story

A movement of God's global purpose

Whenever God starts something new, he always starts with a few.

In the summer of 1974, during the first session of the very first Perspectives class, Dr. Arthur Glasser encouraged those present to "not despise the day of small beginnings." (Zechariah 4:10) He must have seen from a far that this fledgling program had the potential to become a movement that would impact the world. Over four decades later the course has grown into a global movement that is helping God's people around the world discover that God has a place of significance for them in fulfilling his purpose within history. Today Perspectives has over 150,000 alumni in the USA alone. It has been translated into six languages and our partner programs have produced over 52,000 more alumni in seventeen other countries. These alumni are a significant source of energy, vision and resources that God can use to fulfill his mandate to make disciples within all peoples.

The church in every country has the potential to impact the world. Each country is unique. God is always at work in and through different parts of his body. Everywhere the Perspectives course has gone it has demonstrated a capacity to bring together the body of Christ, to unify the Church with vision around her God given purpose. In a way, God uses Perspectives like a domino master who sets the dominos close enough that when he released the latent potential of the first domino, it begins a chain reaction that releases the latent power of every domino within the scope of his design. It will take as many twists, turns, and branches as needed to impact the whole body within every country. Some need to be willing to put themselves in a position to be impacted by God in the hope that God will use them to impact others.

Are you one of those willing to be among the first pieces in the Master's plan?