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Phase 1: Apr 2014–
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Across the globe, 220 million people speak French. While French speakers can be found on every continent, more than 90% live in Europe and Africa, with another 8% in the Americas and Caribbean. Well over half speak French as a second language, making it a potential bridge to speakers of more than 1,200 other languages. Nowhere is this linguistic diversity more strategic than in Africa, home to nine out of ten French-speaking evangelicals. Their fast-growing churches are full of evangelistic zeal. This is a significant because half of Africa's nearly 1,000 least-reached peoples are found in Francophone countries. But it's not just about the thousands who may be mobilized to go. It's about the many thousands more -- from churches in Africa, Europe and beyond -- who must be mobilized to send them.


A professional translation team is being assembled. Approximately $129,100 is needed to fund the mammoth translation project of nearly 450,000 words and 580 pages in the international version of Perspectives (combined Reader and Study Guide up to the certificate level). This project will also include translating supporting curricular resources (instructor guidelines) and printing and testing the text.

Your gift can help our French-speaking brothers and sisters to embrace an even greater role in fulfilling the Great Commission.


Our main objective is fourfold: 1. Fundraising and Preparation -- While seeking funding for the project, search for existing translations of articles used in Reader, target audience demographic analysis, survey of French usage of missiological terms, networking to explore potential partnerships, finding and vetting translators, packaging tools for translators, developing project management system. 2. Translation -- Translate the Reader and Study Guide (includes translation, editing, copy-editing). Translate additional curricular components: assignments, answer keys, instructor guidelines. 3. Field-testing 4. Publishing and Initiating National Study Programs -- Integrate changes from field-testing. Publish using professional layout and production. Respond to requests for intensive classes, orientation and promotion events and training workshops starting with priority countries of Cameroon, Congo and Cote d'Ivore.

Preparation for Translation
Translation of international combined version format
Translation of other curricular components
Project management
Travel and translation team orientation
Printing and Field-Testing
Total Needed


God is raising up vibrant national mission movements throughout Africa. Key leaders from Africa and other continents are asking for the translation of this proven mobilization resource. Perspectives helps support the development of mission movements by building unity around a common vision of God’s purpose for his people within history.

The mission potential of the French-speaking world is great. Yet, sustained, prayerful sending will require a bold, clear vision of God’s glory among all peoples. Few things help build that kind of vision like Perspectives.

“What good news for our work of mobilizing the church to hear about this proposed translation project! Having the Perspectives course in French would put one of the greatest mission mobilization resources in the hands of churches and mission agencies. I pray that the Lord will raise up men and women to support this project through their prayers and gifts.”Edoh Fiozandji, Every Home for Christ French Africa, Regional Director