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We usually see at least ten different points of development as Perspectives movements get underway and grow. We grouped the ten items in three larger clusters of efforts: strategic focus, team and tool development, and ongoing evaluation.

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Strategic Focus

Establishing a vision and direction

Understand Your Audience

Who are the people you are trying to enlist as students in the course?

– Develop the course for students
– Identify your potential students
– Assess the Cultural context

Specify Mobilization Goals

What will be the outcome of the course? How will people, churches, and mission efforts be changed?

– Recruitment or alignment?
– Training or Mobilizing?
– Set worthy goals with workable scenarios
– Develop more than one tool
– Keep focused on your goals.

Form an Education Strategy

How will you design a way of learning that will help achieve your mobilization goals?

– Different approaches and methods
– Options for class sessions
– Different curricular formats and media

Team and Tool Development

Putting vision into action

Develop Leadership & Education Team

How will you enlist and train the team who will work together to develop, serve and extend the course?

– Roles
– Growth & support

Form Service Structures & Partnerships

How will you organize the support structure needed to sustain the mobilization effort?

– Who is the lead partner?
– Business and legal considerations

Organize Publishing & Distribution

Do you intend to self-publish or find a publisher for your work? Will you distribute your material/publication to anyone or only to those who have worked through your course?

Develop Curricular Tools

What curriculum and materials would best fit? Can you use existing materials? Should you develop new materials? How can you design effective tools?

Ongoing Evaluation

Ensuring excellence and growth


What has already been done and what can you learn from that? How can you design a pilot program to test what you have developed?

– Involve everyone in the experiment
– Keep the pilot program small
– Learn from previous efforts


How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your course?

– What to evaluate
– Different ways of evaluating
– Be able to articulate how effective the course was


How can you help to extend the course to reach more people with greater effectiveness?

– Consider other audiences
– Turn students into mobilizers
– Multiply the course
– Be ready to help other efforts


Sound like a lot of work? To be honest, it is, but it’s fulfilling work and the result is as worthy a goal as you could hope for: you can be a part of mobilizing an entire country to the nations. People just like you around the world have done it before you, and their testimony is that it is definitely worth the work involved.

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