South Africa

Emerging Program


​It was during a mission visit to the US in 1982 that Richard Verreynne, a pastor in the Christian Reformed Church in SA, visited the US Center for World Mission (now Frontier Ventures). He was urged by David Bliss, then a missionary at Africa Enterprise, to not only visit the USCWM but also Park Avenue Congregational Church in Boston. While at the Center, Richard met Dr. Ralph Winter who gave him a Perspectives Reader (2nd Edition) and accompanying study guide.

On his arrival back home, Richard began developing a four semester Missiology curriculum for the Christian Reformed Theological Seminary. His curriculum with the Perspectives resources as basis were accepted for the newly established School of World Mission at the CRTS. In apartheid South Africa, Missiology had become quite reactionary and had created more division than mission vision. The CRTS pioneered a movement that resulted in many local churches being touched by a missionary vision and hundreds of missionaries being sent out during the 1990’s.

An effort was launched during that decade to bring the Perspectives program to local churches, and although the content made an impact, it was in a format that did not serve the study program to its full potential.

With the launch of the 4th Edition, Richard Verreynne was approached by Steve Hawthorne and Bruce Koch to formally establish the Perspectives Study Program in South Africa. A PEO was done early in 2010 and a group of 12 key mission and church leaders were exposed to the new edition material, resulting in a very positive acceptance of the need for this program to be formally launched in SA. Three PCW’s have since been done and classes were presented in Cape Town, Pretoria, Wellington and Johannesburg.

A small Leadership Taskgroup has been formed and a team of coordinators are working together to multiply classes in 2016 and beyond.