Emerging Program


A youth mission mobilizer (AJ) who has a big heart for the UPG took the Perspectives Intensive course in the United States in 2006. AJ returned to Indonesia after being overseas for many years with a vision wanting to mobilize and raise up students to get involved in reaching the unreached. After taking the course, AJ felt that this kind of course should be done also in Indonesia. There are a lot of Indonesian Christians who could get the benefits from this course. Indonesia Christianity is unique . . . there are some Indonesia Christians who have high respect for certain kind of training that comes from outside Indonesia and the content is deep. So, with this in mind, some of the Indonesian mobilizers felt that we could definitely reach this group of people with the Perspectives Course. AJ did the first Perspectives course at the student cross cultural camp in 2007. In 2010, AJ gathered some leaders, had a few days introductory Perspectives course together with Steve Hawthorne and Bruce Koch, and handed over the leadership position to HJ and AP.

The translation and the editing part of the book is still a work in progress. But despite the progress of the translation project, the leadership team felt they should have the first intensive course in English at the end of 2013. The plan was to do it in two stages since it is harder to get trainees to come for a ten or fourteen day intensive course. For this first launch, they targeted strategic key trainers, leaders, and mission mobilizers in Indonesia.