Costa Rica

Emerging Program


The first official Perspectives class in Costa Rica using the new 4th (2009) edition of Perspectives was started on January 17th, 2011. This first class was a product of the vision of a young Costa Rican who wanted to take the Perspectives curriculum to Spanish speaking countries after being impacted herself while she took the course in the U.S. For many months she planned, worked and built up a team that made this first course a success, with more than 70 students. It’s impact was large, and included pastors from all parts of Costa Rica. Many of the students of this first class, after being changed and inspired by what they learned, ended up being part of the coordinating team for the second class, in August of 2011. This second class was taught in a Korean church in San Jose and also included more than 60 students. In 2012 the Perspectives course was taught simultaneously in two locations, in San Jose and in Jaco, a city on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, and there were four simultaneous classes which started August of 2013. The coordinating team continues to be impressed by how God is using this course to change people’s old way of thinking and impacting their decisions for Christ in a radical way. From college students, to pastors with many years of ministry, it seems everyone finishes this course with a new vision for their lives. The goal of the local team is to help expand the reach of Perspectives to other Spanish speaking countries.

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