Established Program


The Perspectives Course in Canada has been active since 1992, reporting to the Perspectives Global Office. In January 2008, with the encouragement of the Global team, a group of Canadian Perspectives leaders and advocates agreed together to take leadership of the Perspectives Movement in Canada. We work together under a guiding covenant to see Perspectives develop as a national movement for mobilizing the church in Canada. This initiative has the full endorsement of the Perspectives Global Desk of the US Center for World Mission.

Our common purpose is to mobilize the Canadian church for mission. Specifically, we seek to mobilize the Church through the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement study program. The result we seek is a Canadian Church that is increasingly engaged in God’s mission, locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. We desire to see the Perspectives course grow and become available in all regions and key metro areas of Canada.

Perspectives Canada is a Partnership of Regional Leaders and Coordinators. A facilitation team made up of key regional leaders, led by a Canadian Coordinator, give oversight and direction to the program. The course is currently in most provinces but we desire to see the course offered in all provinces. We also have goals for the course to be utilized by any person or group no matter where the location by using on-line tools.

The Regional Teams and Leaders are responsible for the development and operation of the classes in their area. Leaders of each region come together on the Canada-wide Facilitation Team to ensure consistency and quality across Canada and to develop future strategies, goals and objectives. The facilitation team representing all regions of Canada purpose is to guide task teams working on specific portfolios: Prayer, Website, Connectivity, Standardization, Promotion, Academics, and Growth.

We hope you will join us in prayer and in partnership to see Perspectives used to mobilize World Christians across Canada. May God be glorified, across Canada and to the ends of the earth.

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