Established Program


In 1987 the first edition of the book Perspectives (1983) was translated into Portuguese and was used by many mission professors. In spite of two previous attempts to start the course, Perspectivas Brasil was only officially launched in 2008. Here is a brief history of how this happened.

  • 2001: Estevao Muller (born and raised in Brazil) and Joao Mordomo (of CCI-Brasil) began dreaming about how to develop Perspectives in Brazil (Estevao had coordinated courses in the U.S. in 1999 and in 2001).
  • 2002: Around the same time, Willem Zuidema, a Dutchman married to a Brazilian, took the course in 2002 at the USCWM. Since that time he became involved in mobilizing the Brazilian church toward missions, with a big dream and vision of developing the Perspectives course in Brazil.
  • 2006: Willem and Dr. Kevin Bradford (mobilizer and professor of missions at Word of Life Seminary) decided to develop the course in Brazil. They contacted Joao Mordomo, who then recommended Estevao Muller to help them with the project. In December 2006, Kevin Bradford and Estevao Muller went to London to participate in the Perspectives Global Huddle and to get to know the leaders of the movement.
  • 2007-8: The Perspectivas National Team was formed in 2007, made up of the Estevao, Kevin, Willem and 6 Brazilian leaders. In May of 2008 the initial pilot course was offered for a select group of leaders, pastors, missionaries, potential instructors and potential coordinators. Perspectives was officially launched nationally at the 5th Congress of Brazilian Missions in October of 2008.
  • 2009: Perspectivas Brasil became an official ministry in 2009 and offered the first official courses in July. The new Portuguese Perspectivas book, which 30 articles from Brazilian missiologists, was also released at this time.
  • 2010-16: From 2010 to 2014 Perspectivas Brasil offered an average of 8-10 courses per year. In 2015 Perspectivas Brasil offered 20 courses and now has well over 4000 graduates. In 2016 Perspectivas will be offering over 30 courses in 8 states. These courses will be offered in 24+ cities around Brazil, with many other regions asking for the course.

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